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Don't Wait Another Day to Fix Your Leaky Roof

Make a roof repair appointment in the Las Vegas & Henderson, NV area

You can hear dripping sounds in your attic or have found a new water stain on your ceiling. You're likely dealing with a roof leak. Call Ariat Roofing to talk to a roof repair specialist in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV. We'll send trained professionals to your home right away.

All you have to do is show us where the leak is coming from. Our experienced team will...

  • Pinpoint the source of your roof leak.
  • Give you a free roof leak repair estimate.
  • Schedule your roof repair appointment.
We'll repair your leaky asphalt shingle roof using Owens Corning products. Own a concrete tile roof? You can ask us to use Boral or Eagle Roofing products. It's up to you. Learn more by calling us at 702-982-1382.

Contact us today for rapid roof leak repair services.

When should you call a roofer?

A leak is an obvious sign that you need roof repair work. You don't have to be dealing with a leak to know you need to repair your roof. Look for issues like...

  • Cupping or curling shingles
  • Rotten roof sheathing
  • Cracking concrete tile
If you've noticed these potential leak sources at your home in the Las Vegas & Henderson, NV area, contact Ariat Roofing today for roof repair services.